17 thoughts on “Aww Darly Chipmunk Monday

    1. I’ve never met a chipmunk, but the rabid squirrels in the park terrified me when I was young… I’m getting to know Sammy Squirrel and he’s wonderful, so I’m trying to be open minded that there can be other good squirrels, too.

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  1. Darly iss such a cutie Purrseidon!!! Chasey used to run to LadyMew just like Darly. Chasey went to Purr Land back inn July an iss buried inn our wee garden. Man wee miss him! Hee was so much fun!
    ChewyTwo iss not so frendlee, butt wee love him just THE same!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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      1. Mee only mew (knew) Chasey an Chewy. There was Charlie too butt hee left with ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha. Chewy iss livin inn THE backyard now…..
        Mee iss allso frendss with Fluffy THE Black Squirrel an her Meowmy called Mummy…
        An mee iss frendss with Penelope an Marco THE Mournin Dovess.
        An there iss Jack, Gary, Mack an Larry Sparrowss an Fen, Jen an baby Ben Wrenss allso.
        Iss a Birdie Sanktuary here Purrseidon, mew mew mew!!!!

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