Socks Sunday

Dear Furiends,

Sapheras face, as Ms. Munchkin put the socks on Katsu! LOL

They didn’t have human and pet matching Halloween socks in Saphera’s size., so our munchkins tried to get a pair of human ones to work……. They didn’t

I was looking at them and wondering if they were insane enough to try and put socks on me when Pawsephone went into hiding. That seemed like an excellent idea, so I took refuge in the sanctuary of my hotel…

Ms Livie was over, and looked interested in the socks, but as you can see, her feet were to small otherwise she would probably like Ms. Pawsephones socks. For certain, our staff like their pairs, which they claim are pretty, comfortable and adorable.

This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – please, click here to visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.


PS: Angel, our dear tom-furiend in Ohio (below) is doing well, though his wi-fi and internet issues continue to be a problem. He said, “Oh these are the last days of porch life. Ma calls it RED OCTOBER maybe

because of the red leaves. Soon I’ll be able to see far into the forest but I’ll be running in and out from porch to house like I do now in the mornings. Ma’s phone broke again so she won’t be posting. But I told her to send a note of love to all of you. Be safe and always be prepared. Ma says we’re in a war, whatever that means.” Blessings, Angel

31 thoughts on “Socks Sunday

  1. Hmm, socks, unless they are mine are not for me, MOL Though I have to say, I think they’d suit Saphera. Hiding would be high on my priority list if anyone tried to sock it to me, MOL
    That is a lovely selfie from Angel, and alas the falling of the leaves means way more time indoors for us all, especially if it’s cold, Brrrr!
    Lots of purrs and best wishes to one and all, socked or otherwise, MOL

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    1. Ms. ERin, Angel lives in Central Ohio… he gets snow in his yard! Apparently it is like the frost in our freezer, but there is enough to cover his house and everything… Kosmo reports the same thing happens in Finland!
      No socks for me, either!


  2. Putting socks on a cat? Kind of like an update of the myth of Sisyphus, only with the added torment of “The Hideous Murder Paws of Hell on Earth and Probably Forever More”~! Well done, I say! A victory for humanity.

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      1. Some cats forget they have a cultural tradition of not wanting to submit to anything, especially dressing up of cat urges in their human slaves…! Come to think about it, I had a cat that tolerated just about anything I wanted to do to him or with him…

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      2. Mr. Doug, Katsu was born at the shelter and when he was about 2 weeks old, his eye problem was mis-diagnosed – they didn’t realize it was an injury, they thought it was a contagious disease, so they isolated him in a cage in the waiting room… That was the first half year of his life, so he didn’t learn how to be a propurr cat. THEN the first month he was here, I wasn’t allowed near him (that diagnosis) but Saphera refused to be kept away, so I’m thinking he learned how to be a puppy…. She was my surrogate mom, too, but Mr. M was my surrogate dad, so he helped me.

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      3. Yes, it was horrible, but he’s happy now … that said, I often suspect our cats are all a bit unusual – they all love water, most eat veggies (I can’t turn my back on spinach salad) and would you believe that Katso likes dog bones?!?

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      4. Indeed! I’m thinking Katsu doesn’t have much of that, which is okay, but it is not me.
        …. Er Mr. Doug, does my dear furiend, Andy wear socks?


      5. Never! Andy has never been a kitty for clothes. The last time he was groomed, he came back with a little bandana tied on his neck. He insisted I remove it. Dougy was the same way, same expectation from me. I don’t even make Andy wear a collar since he is micro-chipped, as well as always having been an indoor cat.

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    1. Kosmo dear brofur, do you like socks? I don’t – they are slippery walking on wood floors, but now that I think about it, your climate is so different that socks might be very nice.

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