20 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    1. This is part of an essay in which C. S. Lewis discusses an influential and controversial chapter, within A Preface to “Paradise Lost” (1942), on Milton’s Satan. Lewis’s chapter presents itself as a response to what Lewis sees as the dominant Romantic understanding of Milton’s Satan, but Lewis oversimplifies the critical landscape both by misrepresenting Shelley’s discussion of Satan and by failing to acknowledge various post-Shelley challenges to Milton’s Satan that had appeared before Lewis’s book. He lived from 1898 to 1963,so it is possible he wrote this in 1942, but I assumed this was a reference to Milton’s work,but it is possible that he could have written it then, too. I will try find out when this was actually written.

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    1. Excellent idea Ms. Mimi!…. Do not overlook the benefit of putting misbehaving ones in a corner for 15 minutes of ‘time out’ to think about what they said or did, either.


    1. You are correct – many adults need a refresher course and many other adults need their heads examined for what they seem to think in apurropriate!
      Purrseidon, who thinks we four-legged-furries need to take over all education!


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