Sunday Selfies



Dear Furiends,

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Purrincess Pawsephone was caught admiring herself in the mirror … she did not appurreciate it when she realized her photo had been taken:



Katsu never bothered to wake up from his nap….. I don’t know why he loves snoozing on the top of a dinning room chair, but he can furequently be found there.


As usual, Saphera was hanging out near Master Munchkin’s drums... I admit that when he is purracting, I disappear, but she remains loyal, no matter how loud – she loves fireworks, too.



PS: Angel, our dear tom-furiend in Oho is doing well:

28 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. CATFISH!!! Youss’ did not get THE Hurrycane or even a Troppycal Storm?? Wee were told youss’ wuud have to ‘batten down THE hatchess’ an it wuud bee so bad! Wee ARE glad it was a big nothin……butt all that prepurration fore nothin seemss rude Purrseidon! Wee have another cloudy day with rain an North wind…no complaintss! Much nicer beein kewl 😉


  2. Lookin guud there Purrseidon! An Pawsephone wee not mind you look inn yore meeror! Yore so purrty…An Katsu iss heelareeus! Has hee efurr rolled OFF back of chair??
    An Saphera yore so loyalle to sit bye MM as hee drumss…..
    Meow meow Angel form O-hye-o iss lovelee to see you again. Mee hopess it has kewled down there like it has here….much nicer….even a bit nippy!!!
    Wishin efurryone a kewler wunderfull week!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Meowser BellaDharma dear furiend. Clumsy as Katsu is on the catio, he has never (yet) fallen off the back of a dinning room chair (and he loves sitting on the top of the backs) What amazes the staff is that he hasn’t toppled a chair – yet – either.
      About the only thing that so-called-tropical storm was good for was cooling the weather a few degrees. For certain, it wasn’t good for much wind or rain. In point of fact, we had to turn on the irrigation system this morning … had thought that dud of a storm would at minimum water the garden.
      Have a wonderful week dear furiends!

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      1. BellaDharma dear furiend, Katsu ONLY has good balance when he is asleep. He is rather clumsy when he is awake. So clumsy that I don’t climb my oak tree if he is around – I’m afraid he will try to copy me and break his neck…. He has fallen off the limbs in the catio! Thankfully, they are low, so he didn’t get hurt.
        We didn’t even get a decent rain storm, much less a tropical storm. What a bunch of fuss and prepurration for NOTHING!!!

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    1. It is amazing how peacefully he can sleep in such a purrcarious placee – mainly it it purrcarious because he is the heaviest of us cats and it is amazing that the chair doesn’t tip.


    1. Ms. Marjorie, Katsu often dozes off there, but I don’t believe he has ever fallen… He tends to fall when he is awake and walking our oak limbs in the catio.


    1. Timmy dear furiend, you’re correct about Katsu’s impurresive ability to balance while sleeping in such a purrcarious place… The most amazing thing is that when awake, his balance is iffy.


    1. Kozmo dear brofur, the shadows turned his chocolate tail black…. And you are very lucky to be able to be a distance from Paws. I hope I was never as arrogant and self-absorbed as she is!

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    1. ERin dear furiend, I’m thinking Kosmo might have a great idea in napping selfies – Sawyer did one this week, too…. I need a helper, but this I could do one, too!
      Hope you have a wonderful week.

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