Sunday Selfies


Dear Furiends,

This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – please, click here to visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.Before I get to the other selfies, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads, granddads, and wanna-be-dads – family is very important. Without family structure, kids can stray from the light and wander into darkness…. I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering how many of those black-wearing-ANTIFAs have a father who loves them…. Yes, fathers are very important to the family.

Purrincess Pawsephone  still doesn’t like going outdoors, so she’s never actually met Tori or the Spice  Chicks…


Tori is having a good day.  You can’t tell from the photo, but Tori has been rolling in treats, like the piece of cantaloupe in the wire, and chuckling his tail feathers off. He also tossed dirt in them and at the Spice Chicks ( he thought it was hilarious, but they didn’t).
Otherwise Tori and the Spice Chicks seem to be getting along great. 20200614_171240

Katsu has been swimming in the heat and Saphera has been keeping cool licking ice balls.




PS: Angel, our dear tom-furiend in Oho is doing well, but I don’t think he realizes his Ma is showing him what his behavior looks like:

Dear Purr and all you furry friends,

Well, happy and sad news. Good is ma did errands and everything she returns, I beg her to brush me out, then purr a lot telling her how happy I am she’s back. Sad news is she was brushing me later yesterday but after a while, I moved a little so she couldn’t get my ears. When she put brush under my chin when facing her, I got scared and slapped her hand. She growled and imitated my slap. She growled this morning. Hope ma isn’t turning into a big dog! We better pray for her.

Love,  Angel Kitty

24 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. Purrseidon, i hope that if they are letting Katsu swim, that you are getting to take plenty of dips in the water also.

    There’s no knowing what is in the mind of boys, whether it be chicken or cat or human. They are almost like an alien in what they think is funny sometimes.

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  2. Meow meow Purrseidon an Pawsephone yore both lookin grate! An Saphera that ice ball iss a grate idea!!
    Does Katsu swin like you do Purrseidon?? Furry kewl…
    An Tori iss one happy man bird issn’t hee???
    An Angel cat you an mee are furry simmylar ’bout brushin an touchin!! LadyMew all so brushess mee when shee reeternss from beein out. An she iss furry carefull to stroke an NOT pat mee!! Iss complycated rite?? Stay kewl Angel….iss a *hot* day here inn Catnada!
    ***purrss*** an ~~head rubss~~ BellaDharma~~

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    1. Meowser we all love ice balls, but our housekeeper rarely allows us cats to have ours indoors… Something about us playing polo with them, losing interest and the resulting puddles….
      IF you want to make some, it is super easy, just freeze a water balloon then remove the balloon.


  3. A lovely shot of Angel. Mrs H does try to speak my language sometimes, but it’s all French to me, MOL
    Anyways, if we had your heat we’d be swimming, or at least sitting on someone that was, MOL
    Purrs for a nice week to come.

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    1. Meowser ERin dear furiend, it is &45 a.m. and 75(f) degrees… Currently quite nice, but it will get very hot and humid fast – not a cloud in the bright blue sky. So now is the time to get out and do outdoor chores.
      ERin we all hope you and Mrs. H have a wonderful week, too.

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