Sunday Selfies

20200216_220732Dear Furiends,

Today’s selfie give you a clue about a purrject I’ve spent days and days working on. Can you guess what it is?


Well, as you know, I normally read or tell stories for kids, but on the quiet, I’ve been reading The Red Claw chapter by chapter and let me tell you, mom wrote a few looonnngggg chapters!

Whew! It was quite the purrject! You can listen to the first chapter of this fine story here.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’m also on Instagram –  Would love to see you there!

Next, I hope to read Purr-A-Noia, which is the story I came in on… Red Claw was mom and Mr. M, but in Purr-A-Noia, I have a staring role, though I’m not sure I apurrciate my character being named Mischief.20200306_214700.jpg

Getting back to Sunday Selfies, Princess Pawsephone is still having issues with being outdoors, so isn’t much help in the garden. Luckily, the chickens ARE helpful in fact they quick-compost the weeds…. It is a talent!


As usual, Saphera disappeared when the camera came out…. if she wasn’t on a diet, I could bribe her with treats…. She’ll do a lot of stuff she doesn’t like for treats.

Katsu wasn’t so lucky…. possibly because I distracted him by getting into his tube-cottage. Do you see my front paws and tail?


This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here and visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.


Have a wonderful week, Dear Furiends!


PS: Angel, our dear tom-furiend in Ohio is still having winter, but he and his Ma are doing fine.

Hi everyone, hope you’re enjoying your ma and Pa home. I do. Ma was cleaning off the dining room table, took that big, thin blanket off, whatever it is, but still had stuff on there, pens, papers, even Mr. Little Bug was hiding under stuff! I decided to jump up with her and watch. Sure do love finding things. Ma asked me to take care of Mr. Little Bug, what fun grabbing his tail, made sure he didn’t get away. Then she took my picture while I posed. Love and blessings. Ma says, stay safe! Says there’s danger out there. IMG_20200423_164310.jpg


Angel Kitty

15 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. Mee-yow it DOES sound like Pawsephone had sum bad an sad xperiencess outside! Mee knowss mee sure did! Mee likess to go out inn small Condo an watch THE werld safelee now….runnin fore THE door iss not impawtent now.
    Yore fotoss are all lovelee bye THE way!
    An Angel kitty wee sorry you still have Winter there…it iss sorta Spring here butt still chilley!
    ***purrsss*** to all, BellaDharma

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    1. Meowser BellaDharma dear furiend, It is sort of amusing to watch the little princess… most of the time, she sticks to Katsu like a shadow, but every day, he heads out to the coop to spend time with our chickens…. her expression is priceless. Hopefully, she’ll eventually figure it out.
      Have a purrfect weekend,

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      1. Purrcisely BellaDharma dear furiend! One would think that she thinks (but doesn’t meow) that she is better than the rest of us ‘chicken lovers’.

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    1. That was one of the thoughts that motivated me to start reading and telling stories… another part was that Wuhan bug closing schools and stuff, which meant lots of kids were home…. I dared to hope they’d appurciate someone reading to them… I’ve also noticed that mom listens to several podcasts while she’s doing other stuff, so purrhaps even some adults will like my stories.
      Regardless, I’m having fun.

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  2. cherieaw

    Thanks mesymimi, what an awesome story. Sounds like me. Something happened to me too. Still afraid of my head and neck area. Paws is so cute in his red spotted coat. Hmm, looks warm enough for Ohio. I still won’t wear a collar or a coat. Getting warmer. Ma went mushroom hunting. I didn’t like their scent. Purr is so intellectual. My, what a family with great furry friends! Love Angel

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    1. Mr. M lived feral for years and years, then retired as a house cat. Due to arthritic paws, he didn’t spend much time outside, then he was given some of Ms. Kiara’s silvervine recipe… it worked wonders and he began joining into our outings…. I don’t think silvervine will solve Princess Pawsephone’s issues.

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  3. A wonderful update from Angel and plenty of good selfies.

    It sounds like perhaps Princess Pawsephone was frightened by something outdoors, maybe more than once. She might simply do better as an indoor only cat if that’s the case.

    That’s what happened with our Horizon, he was a stray until about 3 months old, then came indoors and has always been skittish and somewhat feral. He used to escape to outside, then come back beaten up (even though he was neutered, some kitty still picked on him). The last time he got out, he came home so scared and scratched up that he has never looked at the door since, and something similar may have happened to your sisfur that has put her off from going outdoors.

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    1. Ms. Mimi, I have no idea what her history is and she isn’t meowing about it, but birds seem to terrify her. Purrhaps she will eventually learn to like my chicks and purrhaps she’ll just be an indoor cat. Time will tell.
      Please stay safe, happy and healthy, dear furiend.

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