7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Well, Ms. Mimi, we do have pines, but I don’t know if they are the right type. I’m thinking it would be nice to move some here because when we had that zika scare a few years ago, Florida’s response (at least in our county) was to have small planes spray insecticide everywhere. Mr. M and I hated that program. Worse, ALL the insects were affected – many birds, too. We spent a year and a half with virtually no garden visitors… On a road trip, I saw a ‘common housefly’ and got super excited because I hadn’t seen an insect in over a year. They are still rare, but we now have a few insects and birds back…. I hope they’ve grounded that awful poison-plane!


    1. I’m wondering if there is any way to get my paws on one of those cocoons so I can have those beauties…. Also wonder if their purrferred foods would grow in my garden… I suspect they don’t eat nip or cat grass.

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