Cranberry Sauce

20190214_180759Dear Furiends,

Cranberry sauce is the main dish for my staff during winter holiday. In fact, today we shop for cranberries and navel oranges (we already have raspberry jello and walnuts).  I’m not purrticularly fond of the sauce, though cranberries are great for playing soccer.
If you’re interested in fruit and cranberries, this is a super simple and humans seem to think delicious…. The day before holidays, mom washes and inspects the large navel orange and a bag of cranberries, then she puts them through the food processor… I stay close for this because this is my best chance of scoring a cranberry to play with…. 20181111_171031

The orange generally needs to be cut in 4 to fit in our food processor… you use the entire orange a.k.a. peel and all (navel oranges don’t have seeds). Mom then pours the grated orange and cranberries into a lidded bowl and stirs in a small package of jello (dry, powder and stir in well)  – as stated above, she likes raspberry best, though I’m not sure if this is due to flavor or the pretty red color. She then puts the lid on and puts the bowl in the refrigerator over night. Prior to serving, you can add chopped nuts, but I’ve noticed that people with dentures and stuff purrfer the bowl without nuts.

Mom often makes a double batch the night before any winter holiday – in other words, 2 oranges and 2 bags of cranberries and a large package of jello – you can use either non-sugar or sugar, depending on your preference and diet. She then splits the batch into 2 bowls and adds nuts to one prior to serving.

I guess I should also add that this time of year seems to be the only time raw cranberries seem to be available, so mom stocks up because she freezes what she doesn’t use for Thanksgiving so she can make this for Christmas, New Years, birthdays, etc.

Enjoy, Purrseidon

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      1. Ms. Lisa, I think mom adds the jello (red) for the color plus it makes the cranberries a bit sweeter – sort of sweet and sour. I’m sure you could add other flavors of jello, but if not red, it could look odd…. for Halloween, that could be a good thing.

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    1. In my furry opinion, mom could get away with not cooking holiday meals at all, as long as she served a big bowl of this…. Of course, I am only referring to the human diners …. Katsu, Saphera and I look forward to the real whipped cream, meat and pumpkin… Oddly enough, green beans rank high on Saphera’s list.


    1. It is easy to make, except for my chef always missing with at least one cranberry when putting them into the food processor … You don’t think she does that on purrpose, do you? Would she accidentally on purrpose drop one for me to play with?
      Humans say the stuff tastes delicious.

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    1. It is nutritious …. and simple, but you need to marinate it over night in the refrigerator. Even my Munchkins are capable of making it, though I can’t guarantee that they’ll drop a cranberry for me to play with.

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