Sunday Selfies

XmasBell.jpgDear Furiends,
This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here and visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.

It looks like a raccoon might have burrowed under the front fence (behind the birds of paradise) it was a huge hole and it angled down and then over. Saphera could almost fit through it, so you know how huge that hole was! My gardener filled it in. Thus far, I’ve only seen the neighbors cat in the yard but apparently something else was in here too, which could explain a lot about Tori’s attitude to leaving the catio.

In other words, Tori is still avoiding the yard….  I open the 20191025_172733catio door every day, but Tori stands in the corner instead of go outdoors…. then she goes to the slider to look at her reflection, but she never leaves the catio. She has gotten really cuddly though but not fond of Katsu who keeps sniffing her… I am keeping them separated as I remember hearing about Honey Bunny losing an eye when a chicken had enough attention from a nosy bunny….. Katsu can’t risk that.

Tallie is sleeping well with her20191108_204657.jpg pokemon and she is eating by herself mostly. She is still wobbly and looks more like she is dancing then walking but she is doing very, very well…. Still, as a possibly over-purrtective mama-hen, I stay near when she sleeps.

I have been helping go through the Christmas lights. I love, love, love, love those lights and wish it was Christmas all year long!!! I’m so into this Christmas spirit that I’ve put on my Christmasy jingle-bell-collar even before Thanksgiving!

At first glance, you’ll probably think Katsu has had a relapse, and one never knows when it comes to him and cameras, but  – at least for today – he is purrposely posing so you can admire his new jacket:20191109_142235.jpg


And now for our dear furiend Angel’s thoughts:

IMG_20191112_091313.jpgDear Purr and all your furry friends. Ma and I were so surprised this morning. Yesterday I enjoyed my porch until later when cold winds came out of nowhere. Now this? Ma warned me but I’m smarter than she is so didn’t pay any attention. So I told her, “Ma, you were right this time. This is crazy! Are you sure we’re not having global COOLING? Snowing, see Ma! From Siberia? Where’s that?”
She just blinked at me, singing merrily, “Angel got a house!” I blinked back, “Yes, thanks Ma, for saving me.”

Angel looking out at first snow + the before and after views from the window:


23 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. Mee-yow wow Katsu that iss sum snazzy jacket you have on!! Yore furry stylin!
    Purrseidon are you inn charge of catmass litess??
    An Angel mee so happy you have a warm house an a Meowy to love you now…mee bin homelss bee-fore an it was ruff on THE meen streetss of Wireton (where mee iss from). Mee NOT miss that life at all!!!!
    An wee Tallie keep eatin an walkin an get strong soon…yore a cute chick fore sure….
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Ms. BellaDharms and LadyMew, I love my jacket and got it just before an Arctic Front arrived. Meow oh meow do I call that kismet! I don’t know about you, but I hate being cold.
      So sorry to hear that you were born on the streets, like Ms. Purrseidon and Mr. M. That has to be rough.
      Katsu, who was born in a shelter and adopted 6 months later by Master Munchkin.

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      1. You look uber kewl Katsu!!! An iss wudnerfull you gotted yore jacket bee-fore thee Artick Front came to vizzit!! Mee not like beein cold eether!
        Oh Katsu an Purrseidon mee not born on streetss…..mee reememburrss mee had a home with Hu’manss from mee earlee memoree an then mee was spayed at 6 monthss old. THAT’SS when mee ended upss on THE streetss…at leest mee was fixed an cuud not have kittss, Butt mee Hu’manss did not let mee inn much an mee wandered ’round town an hunted fore food an sleeped inn shedss an was all alone. Then when mee was 4 yeerss old mee was taken bye same Hu’mansss to a Sheltur an mee freeked out! So mee lived inn a room bye meeself fore 2 yeerss…minnymal Hu’man contact an onlee a radio fore companee. (Mee fite with other catss…)
        Aftur 2 failed ‘doptionss mee gave upss.
        An then Seppytemburr 6th, 2018 LadyMew came to see mee an shee said “Mee cannot leeve this baby girl here!!”
        An youss’ know THE rest…mee gave upss all HOPE of findin a mew home an a Hu’man who wuud love mee.
        An then a meer-akell happened! Mee NOT miss those meen streetss or THE Sheltur at all!

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      2. Ms. BellaDharma, As I said, I was born in a local shelter and lived there for 6 months… Alone in a cage in the waiting room because my left eye had gotten hurt about the time it was opening. The shelter’s vet said it was a contagious disease…. pretty dumb diagnosis for a scratch. The munchkins and their parents help out at the shelter on weekends, so I’ve known Master Munchkin for most of my life…. He would always talk to me and sometimes even read me a story. THEN, last summer, he was told he could choose a pet for part of his birthday gift and HE CHOOSE ME!!!!! There was a lot of concern about his choice because Purr already lived here and I was supposedly contagious. But they had said he could have his choice, so I got my furever home! It was amazing to get the run of a whole room…. Ms. Purrseidon was upset though, and spent a lot of time peaking under the door and sitting on the narrow window ledge… We didn’t officially meet for 3 weeks – after I went to their vet, so they could make a plan – purrhaps meds or something. They were shocked to learn my eye hadn’t been diagnosed propurrly, but thrilled to learn I didn’t need to be in quarantine. I’m thinking it was good to begin that way because going from a cage to a whole room was amazing… I don’t know what I’d have done if I’d suddenly had a whole house and yard! Ms. Saphera was very upset with the closed door, too.
        I love my furever home and purrmanent family.

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    1. I’m thinking that Angel and Ms. Cherie were very lucky to find each other. She is actually more of a dog person, but when she found Angel trying to burrow under her porch, she’d recently lost her elderly collie… Angel was the same color and she thought this was a sign.
      I think so, too.
      Another example: he loves music and she plays classics on her piano…


      1. cheryl weismantel

        Ah, yes, Angel was a sign! Keep me going a while longer on the planet! Jeanne is correct! Love and hugs. And oh, Tori and then a raccoon, and my goodness, the critters around here, amazing! You really get them in a real neighborhood too! xo Cherie

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    1. Raccoons are nasty as squirrels! I’m thinking they might also be hungry…. one stupid neighbor used to feed those bandits, but he moved. The raccoons are still here and no longer getting free hand-outs…. Not smart of him to have fed them.


    1. Ms. Ellen I agree that Katsu’s new jacket is very handsome… he says it is warm, too. Purrfect timing since that Arctic Front arrived, yesterday. Fortunately, I have a very cozy spot by Tallie’s heat lamp.


  2. Oh my, on top of Ohio cold you get the freezing blast from global warming too! Still, you guys are wrapped up warm. We love the dino jacket, Angel, very slick in deed.
    Awww, Purrseidon, you are such a good nanny. I see Katsu, or rather I don’t see him, MOL
    Have a great week, and thanks for such lovely selfies.

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    1. ERin dear fuiend, I can only imagine how frigid Angel must be in Ohio … We even got some of that ‘Arctic Blast’ here in Florida… For the first time in ‘furever’ the windows were open and the AC wasn’t running!!! I also admit to feeling a bit of envy for Katsu having a jacket.

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    2. cheryl weismantel

      Katsu, that coat is very unusual! what is that creature on there? I never saw one in the woods. And yes, global freezing, ah, but our weather changes all the time, going back to normal now, normal 40’s for Nov. We have had snow in Nov and looks like it this year too. I miss the porch, but also like being with MA, playing. Love Angel

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      1. Angel dear furiend and Ms. Cherie, it is a Jurassic Park jacket – Master Munchkin is obsessed with dinosaurs and that is a T Rex…. I wouldn’t expect you to have one nearby – they supposedly died out millions of years ago. HOWEVER. scientists say chicken DNA is very similar, which explains the attitude of a certain chicken I once met.


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