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20190214_180732Dear Furiends,

This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please,  click here and visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.

This week, Karen (white) went to the farm to live with Charnix (black) …. yes, “she” began crowing, so we’re no longer sure “she” actually is a she…. Do any of you know how to be certain of the gender of a chicken? I ask because none of us has a clue, so we are basing our decisions on the town’s crowing policy. The good thing is that it was lovely to see Charnix – Rusty, too, though he wasn’t available for a selfie.

This reduces me to two chickens Tori (white) and C P (charcoal):

Those photos were taken just before Karen left and you can see how much he loves getting his photo taken… Katsu could learn a thing or two from him! He isn’t purrticipating this week because he couldn’t be found, but our dear furiend Angel could!

IMG_20190907_164636Our dear furiend, Angle asked me to tell you:

Hi Purr and Katsu, the chicks and all our Purrfect friends. I told Ma to show you a picture of my Hunting Friends. As you can see, I luv my hunting friends, big flat dog toys!  RT to LF, Meet Mr. Raccoon, Mr Ducky, two Mr Squirrels near Mr Parrot, Mr Skunk, Mr Golfer on top of Mr Goose with my Furry Friend at the end. I roll around with them and Mr Raccoon lets me pounce IMG_20190907_112812on him. When I do, he sqeeks An-gel, An-gel. Then I hug him a lot and fall asleep with him too. Next time maybe I’ll show you “The Hunted!” They’re smaller.

Purr love to all. Angel

I have a very special selfie guest this week… on the way home from the farm, I had the good luck to take a walk on the beach. (alas, I didn’t know we’d do this, so didn’t bring my boogie board)… I met this very fine fellow there:


Have a wonderful day and fantastic week, dear furiends,


19 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. cheryl weismantel

    Oh dear Purr & furry friends! Thanks, Purr, so mrrrruch, for sharing my hunting toys. We’ve been busy lately and late summer, so I’m up late hunting with my friends. Then I sleep on the warm porch in the back. Critters are going to start to come around, gotta protect my house. Hope you are well, busy today! But WHaaaat is that strange creature on the sand? I’d love to stalk it! Love Angel Kitty

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    1. Angel dear furiend, that is a crab – they taste wonderful BUT are equipped with sturdy armor and strong pincers, so it is best to allow the staff to deal with them.


  2. “Whistling girls and crowing hens always come to some bad ends!” was a proverb back in Louisa May Alcott’s day. She quoted it in Little Women and i never forgot it, and while i can guess what it means, i am by no means 100% certain.

    Anyway, whether they are roosters or hens, if they are disturbing the neighbors they cannot stay.

    Happy Selfie Sunday, i’m glad the crab wasn’t too shellfish to share a picture!

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  3. Awww, so sad to see them go, but safer if you have a policy in place about disturbing the peace. Angel sure has a fine collection of hunting pals, far more than I do. He looks so happy too. We look forwards to see what his prey collection looks like?
    Oooh, a real live crab. I am not sure if I could handle one of those-maybe a bit too much to bite off, if you know what I mean, MOL
    Purrs to you all

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