16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Chris Blackwood

    I totally agree! I prefer to go the herbal route rather than swallowing a ton of pills that “Big Pharma” knows full well never solve the problem, and most often makes it worse.

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    1. Purrcisely! In this cat’s opinion, too often, big pharma’s goal seems to be partially healing, but not completely curing the problem. Worse, advertisements push junk food and other garbage gets pushed on us that makes us less healthy… sugar is a prime example.

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    2. Chris Blackwood

      Too many people feel a little depressed, so they go to a psychiatrist who prescribes a whole plethora of anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, and sedatives that cause more problems than they solve. I’ve been through it and I’m totally against anything that Big Pharma puts out. If most people new that there are safe herbal treatments for depression, 99% of the psychiatrists would be on the unemployment line with many of the people they’ve ruin with all of their dangerous drugs. Their drugs were never meant to cure the problem. They were meant to create problems that they could prescribe more drugs for. $$$$$

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      1. Purrsonal opinion: if people turned off the electronics, went out, exercised and talked to REAL PEOPLE, they would feel a lot better…. But I’m only a kitty, most don’t think we’re wise abut anything more than catching mice.
        Purrseidon, who has never caught a mousie.

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