4 thoughts on “FAKE Nice People You Need to Avoid

  1. I have a flaw and think everyone is sincere. My wife sees through people pretty easy. A few times she has made accusations about people with no evidence to back it up. I would just think she was being overly negative but then later would find out she was right.

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    1. Meowser Mr. Charles. I see the same thing in our family. Thus this could be a genetic anomaly. Or not. For certain, I’ve heard about the time Pops, who is the extrovert, invited a new neighbor in for a cup of coffee and mom took one look at the guy and left the room… Told Pops never, ever to allow that person inside her home again, but couldn’t tell him why she had such a negative reaction…. Two weeks later, his photo was on the front page of the newspaper for selling drugs at a school…Pops hasn’t questioned mom’s intuition since.


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