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Dear Furiends,Ms.Purr

This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please,  click here and visit our dear furiends, The Kitties Blue, as well as other Sunday hoppers.

NOW, onto selfies and a bit of gossip from my own backyard AND Ohio’s mountains, where our dear furiend, Angel lives… he has very iffy wifi, but loves purrticipating in my blog…. and I am always happy to include him.IMG_20190601_102752.jpg

First the bit of gossip:  my backyard is a mess because I have the staff moving our above-ground pool AND digging down so it will be half-way in-ground…. I love, love, love digging projects, and almost always get extra baths… WELL, within the first couple hours, my staff nearly abandoned the pool-project because the dug up bones! They were horrified about digging up a grave, so carefully collected all bones and will bury them in our pet cemetery.

None of us are sure what they might be – except that they are not human, so there was no need to call the police…. That having been said, IF they had been human, the police might have dug a good portion of this for us. Do any of you have a clue what sort of animal these bones might have belonged to?

Ehem, back to my pool-project, I’m having the staff use the dirt to fill in along the fence where that dratted armadillo sneaks through and  in  a low spot in the front yard where rain pools… Since I don’t go into the front yard without my harness and leash, I can’t plan in that tempting puddle….  IF I can’t enjoy that puddle, why not eliminate the temptation? 20190601_103703

I gave my munchkins a project, too… They removed the chicken coop from my (and Katsu’s) catio and positioned it under my oak tree….. You wouldn’t believe how much bigger my catio feels without that inside! They love it out there and were so excited the first night that they refused to come inside to the little coop, which they sleep in…. It is a cozy coop.


But it’s a bit difficult to accept the fact that they are now large enough to live in it.

In fact, they’re starting to look like real chickens instead of rather homely chicks.20190601_102607  Karen and Tori (white and I still can’t tell them apart) might never be truly cute, but I think Rusty (spotted one) is. What do you think?

CP has lots of purrsonality…. she also considers herself to be head chicken, so was thrilled when Ms. Munchkin let received_596212780877336her have this hair-tie… She wears it like an emblem of office….

Hopefully the silkies (CP, Karen and Tori) will poof up, as their species is supposed to… Don’t tell CP I said this, but I’m thinking she looks more punk-rock-militant than purrty.

As I type this, Katsu has been snoopervising the purrject for me:… FYI, he is hanging in the hammock as he oversees the dig site. And yes the vacuum is torn apart there…. we had to scrub the whole thing someone sucked up liquid…. And, yes, Ms. Munchkin kissed him, so he is proudly wearing lipstick:

Now, I must  see how much purrgress the staff has made… and take another good roll in the dirt to assure another bath.20190601_103632

Have a wonderful week, dear furiends!  Purrseidon


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  1. Cherie Lebrun

    Dear Auntie Jeanne and Purr, Wow, I can’t believe the projects in the back of your house! How large is it? And Purr never runs away? We don’t have enclosed fence here, just a wire fence all the animals can use. Plus, we’re on the outskirts with lots of animals coming from the woods. I don’t even beg to get out any longer. Once my mom saw me racing in the woods, leaping like a little Leopard, and I run fast! Purr, you look so relaxed. I love my Ma, she seems to know what food I like and don’t like. She spoils me, as long as she stays away from my ears! She can never catch me. CP, Karen and Tori, what great friends. That’s a gorgeous little house too! And lovely Purr, you’re so relaxed. Maybe someday I’ll get used to humans. Love, Angel.

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    1. Angel, dear furiend, we live inside city limits, but also back up to a bird sanctuary, so there are lots of interesting things on the other side of the fence, but it really isn’t smart to investigate that sort of thing. For instance, a couple years ago, an allegator had a nest over there…. I felt no need to get up close to check it out and was quite happy to observe it from the safety of my oak tree, which overlooked the nest.


    1. It is a talent …. one that Katsu doesn’t share . I really can’t understand him – he doesn’t want to look at the camera, despite the lovely red on-dot.


  2. Hmm whoever those bones belonged to, they sure would have had a toothy grin!
    For me, I think them bones and the vacuum and the mud would be welcome to be buried under the pool, well out of sight, MOL
    Awww, Angel sure looks great in his selfie this week, and I have to say CP looks like she is one Mexi CAN chick!

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    1. CP DOES look Mexi-Can, doesn’t she?!? ERin, common consensus among the neighbors is that those bones belonged to a coyote, but the ‘jury’ is still out.

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