14 thoughts on “Vinegar in Your Garden…

  1. I have been using vinegar as a weed killer. If you add a cup of salt to a gallon of vinegar with a little dish soap it helps keep the weeds from returning but don’t use it where you might want to plant in the future.

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    1. Mom says coca cola is an effective herbicide, too, but we don’t have that sort o thing, so I’ve never purrsonally tried it. We do have many types of vinegar.
      Salt is supposedly the main ingredient in Round Up, so I’m sure that works. Interesting that generic salt is bad for plants but a bit of Epsom salt is beneficial.


      1. Mr. Charles, are you suggesting that I can somehow use my humans to kill weeds in some chemical way? I was certain they could only do that by using those opposable thumbs to pull out the pesky plants.


      2. Mr. Charles, I don’t understand the motivation for a fortune… Kibble, treats and a solid roof are great – I’ve already got lots of extras, the most important being love.


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