I am NOT a Skunk

Dear Furiends,

I forgot to have Ms. Munckin snap a picture of me reading …. Um an FYI, I share my cell phone with her and she took it to school. However, I will get photos of me to add when possible. However, I then realized Mom’s phone was still here.

Anyway, back to I am NOT a Skunk. This is Ms. Ellen’s new book and it’s about my furiend, Ms. Emmy, who was abandoned and had the dreadful misfortune of being mistaken for a skunk! Can you imagine such a double whammy?

The bestest news is that Ms. Ellen has set up an Amazon giveaway, so you might be able to get a free copy – enter a.s.a.p. because it ends on the 24th! I hope you clicked on the link and get entered!

BTW, Katsu loves Ms. Emmy’s story, too.

Katsu and I think Ms. Emmy is beautiful and can’t believe she was mistaken for a skunk!



12 thoughts on “I am NOT a Skunk

    1. You’re welcome, Ms. Ellen. We made sure to keep the chicks away from the book… they have an unfortunate tendency to have accidents…. and we can’t figure out how to litter box train them.
      Purrseidon, who can read your blogs in the WP reader BUT can’t seem to link to your actual blog. Did you get a new security program?


    1. Kosmo, dear furiend. I’ve never had the misfortune of actually meeting a skunk, but on a road trip, I suddenly smelled an awful stench and my chauffeur said it was a skunk…. Be glad you don’t have skunks in Flinland!

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      1. It kinda smells like rotten cabbage & onions …. awful odor… for certain it made my eyes water and lingered…. can you imagine how bad it must be to actually get sprayed?

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