Easter in Review

Dear Furiends,Purrs

The Easter bunny brought us more chicks!!!! Charnix- Pharcoal Phoenix is the black without the full face mask

The whites I can’t tell apart they are Karen and Tori after the movie white chics after a lot of debating Ms. Munchkin choose their names because she thinks they are  funny… goodness I hope they are not guys pretending to be girls.20190419_095543
<sigh> DD turned out to be a rooster and we are not allowed to have roosters in town, so the Easter bunny needed to find him a different home… Who knew the Easter bunny was in that business?!?
CP is now the biggest now, when she was the smallest previously.

7 thoughts on “Easter in Review

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    1. Apparently roosters have a global reputation! I thought DD was funny and quiet… Quark and Boson are bright and loud.
      Purrseidon, who still doesn’t understand why there is a bad on one type of male bird.


    1. IF they are all girls, they have a chance of staying. Ms Mimi, I think it is very odd that roosters are banned for their crowing while parrots are fine as house pets…. Cousins Quark and Boson are the loudest ‘alarm clocks’ I have ever encountered! Purrhaps their town doesn’t have the same rules we do, but they are ear-splitting loud.


    1. Ms. Ellen, they crow and apparently, in the past, roosters made such a racket that they’ve been banned. Poor CP was very upset to be an only chick, which is why it is very good that the bunny brought her more…. BTW, we are limited to 5 hens, too.


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