20190415_094221Dear Furiends,

I woke up when our housekeeper started vacuuming Saphera’s tumbleweeds (in other words, she is shedding, again).  When I went into the room I use for a classroom, Katsu was sitting next to the incubator trying to peer in. He had placed 2 of his crinkle  balls next to the incubator and looked like he was trying to lure the egg and sick chick out to play. Poor guy doesn’t understand that the poor chick with the bad leg didn’t make it. The other egg is already late and after trying to save the other and opening the incubator I am sure it is not viable at all… It never moved, peeped, or anything. Thus, the lure of Katsu’s favorite toys won’t have any effect on the situation where our eggspectations have been dashed.20190417_110738

I’m thinking that the vendor didn’t take propurr care of those eggs before they sent them to us and plan to give the company an appropriate review.

Katsu is heartbroken – he so wanted to have his own chicks and be a good mother hen, too.

20190415_092743I will allow my dear brofur to help care for DD & CP. (In case you’re new to my blog, DD is the lighter colored on and CP is the peaceful darker one.

They look chipper this morning, don’t you think?




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