Palm Sunday Selfies



Dear Furiends,

Happy Palm Sunday! I did my level best to pose with one of my palms, I hope this is adequate for this special day.  This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here


Obviously, I need to educate Katsu about which plants are palms… <sigh> At least his heart is in the right place.


CP & DD are sort of in an ugly duckling stage, which is purrticularly impressive since they aren’t ducks…. Grown feathers are beautiful (my opinion), but the purrocess of growing them obviously isn’t attractive… I imagine they are growing real wings. With the amount of feathers on their feet, I’m wondering if feet are used for flight, too….


Alas, our dear furiend, Angel doesn’t have a palm to pose with, but he rose to this selfie challenge by doing his selfie in the window, which overlooks other trees. Angel is also pleased to report that Spring does finally seem to have arrived in Ohio… the grass is growing, too, which he says Ms. Cherie doesn’t appurrciate.



22 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Selfies

  1. Cherie

    Oh Ma, I’m famous again & Spring is here, I’m happy, a bit too cold last too days, but I can feel the warm weather coming for my porch naps. Thanks, Auntie Jeanne! Kisses to Purr. I can hardly wait until I’m tame so I can go outside too. But really, so many wild animals out there. A loose dog out in the yard again. Huge voulchers too! So, now, after being the house with Ma, I’m not sure. Happy Spring.

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    1. Thank you, Timmy…. I almost didn’t include C P & D D because they are at such a homely phase. They are a bit grumpy, too…. I’m thinking that growing feathers might be uncomfortable.


  2. Ahh, Purrseidon, your work is never done, I see. The work of a leader, and head gardener is one of educating the novice and apprentice, and to lead by example. A beautiful selfie from you and Angel this week, and palm or not it is good to celebrate. If Angel’s staff let the grass grow, it will make great hunting grounds…. er… wildlife paradise 😉

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    1. ERin, dear furiend, I don’t think Ms. Cherie will leave Angel’s grass alone…. I have the distinct impression that she does NOT want a hunting paradise surrounding her house.


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