7 thoughts on “Truth About Origins of Facebook

    1. Alberto, both my humans tend to hiss about that swamp, but they are both hopeful that Trump and the Patriots are making progress cleaning it…. They were very pleased to learn 42 pedo rings had been closed last year.

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      1. Alberto, dear furiend, I’m glad your human agrees this is good news. If I understand my humans correctly, they believe we haven’t seen arrests of certain prominent individuals because BHO gave out pardons for past crimes. This means new crimes + evidence that can be used during prosecution is needed. Thus the need for patience. HOWEVER, with the fact those pedo rings have been shut down + other hopeful signs, they now dare to believe that we could be seeing a lot of progress in the very near future.
        BTW, if you happen to be interested in what has begun at gitmo, pops seems quite interested in https://c-vine.com/?s=transcripts.

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      2. The Female Human says YES! She tells us that this thing she calls “justice” is a big thing for her and she hopes to see it soon. We felines don’t quite understand the concept unless it’s the feeling I get when one of the Tribe gets a treat and I don’t!

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      3. Alberto, you are purrfectly correct about not getting treats being injustice! Justice seems to be a big topic in my household, too… Specifically the staff has snits over double standards, which is apparently a revolting crime. They also seem to feel that some sort of change for the good began when Mr. Barr was sworn in as the new AG…. Prior to that, they got excited about 1-1-19 being the date some law or other went into effect, so things could begin moving toward justice in gitmo…. Alberto, dear furiend, does that tell you how strange my humans are?!?! The entire world was celebrating the arrival of a new year and they were celebrating the implementation of a law!

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      4. Ah my furiend,
        It appears we have obtained our staff from the same place. So glad there is another feline to commiserate with! And don’t get my staff started on the subject of double standards..oh my whiskers!
        Purrs & Head Bonks,

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