21 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

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  2. ATCAD

    At the moment we are all in deep dodo with the staff. Yang and Scylla engaged in an early morning cat chase complete with GROWLS, Yin went stomping all over the parents in bed, they were not amused. The only one not in trouble is Chi and she almost got stepped on. So maybe we should pay more attention to your quotes.

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    1. Meowser dear furiends, I confess that it can take years to incorporate the advice into one’s life enough for it to become habit….I sort of why I keep doing these posts to remind myself among other things.


    1. Meowser Ms. Ellen, I love, love, love my necklace and wear it for special occasions, like Thankful Thursday…. BTW, thank you for contributing those great questions for tomorrow’s Friday Fillins.


    1. Brian, I’m glad you liked all of the thoughts. Also, I want to thank you for hosting this fine blog hop… I should have said so, previously, but was rather distracted by the thought of you needing those pointy sticks so often.


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