‘Nip Monday -Aww


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10 thoughts on “‘Nip Monday -Aww

  1. catscue

    With mint, you don’t have to plant much, soon enough it’ll fill in all by itself. I love the smell of mint around the house, but had no idea ants didn’t care for it – an added bonus!

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    1. Ms. Sandee, if you don’t have time to grow mint or nip, you can draw with chalk – this is a temporary barrier…. the brown crispy skins of onions can be crumbled up and scattered as another type of temporary barrier, too.

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      1. Our Kosmo is special, he does´t like nip, and the most mysterious thing is that he doesn´t know what to do with boxes, not at all. All our cats we had have loved boxes, we have had a big boxcastle, boxes allover, but not with Kosmo. He has never shown any interest to boxes… sometimes I am thinking is he a cat at all.

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      2. Not liking boxes is something I’ve never, ever heard of. However, I am not a nip addict, either – I grow it because it keeps nasty biting insects away. Mr. M, Rom and Katsu don’t have the ‘nip gene’ either.


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