Sunday Selfies

20181216_223257Dear Furiends,

This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here

As you can see, I’ve been busy teaching geography this week. (Master Munchkin is doing very well.) While I’ve been busy teaching, Katsu has been doing cat antics. First, he ate through a Christmas light’s sting as the staff was packing it for storage, then he stole spicy chicken and if that wasn’t enough, he swallowed some thread… AGAIN! This time, our chef pulled 3 feet back out.  At least he didn’t get involved with another with a lolly pop,

As I mentioned, a big project this past week was packing up our Christmas decorations, but Katsu (this was his first Christmas, so he doesn’t know our routine) 20181218_134221obviously didn’t understand. As  we packed up our ornaments, he began decorating the tree with his 24 new crinkle balls. He even bent one branch so he could play fetch with himself. (He LOVES playing fetch.) He has even learned to catch balls with his paws. He is so cute that the staff hasn’t had the heart to pack away the tree…. even if it’s starting to look a bit lopsided. He also tried to play chess with Master Munchkin, but that didn’t end well.

When I wasn’t teaching, I mainly helped with outdoor stuff like removing the lights and visiting M’s grave. That said, Saphera and I did get a special treat – a ride through the wildlife preserve. She and I love car trips as much as Katsu likes playing with his crinkle balls.

img_20190110_111451Our dear furiend, Angel, claims it really is freezing up there in Ohio and you can see he has real, live snow in his yard. He also claims that Ms. Cherie is continually trying to brush him, which he doesn’t mind, and clean his ears, which he DOES mind.


25 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. I’m sure Katsu agrees with you because he decorated the tree with his crinkle balls as soon as the ‘real decorations’ had been put away, and he now plays fetch with them and puts them back as they all off….

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  1. Katsu may be larger than you, but it’s not size, it’s the amount of learning. It sounds like he has a lot to learn, and has he ever been checked for pica, the urge to eat things that are not food? Sometimes people and animals can develop that, it is sometimes due to a mineral deficiency.

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      1. Hmmm, the antibiotics may have depleted his digestive system of a lot of good bacteria. When we don’t have the good bacteria, our bodies do not digest food correctly, that can lead to vitamin or mineral deficiency, which can sometimes lead to eating things that are not food. Perhaps a good probiotic to repopulate his gut flora would help, please do ask the vet.

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      2. I shall have my staff ask the vet next time they speak to her…. I would do so myself, expect that due to my propensity to draw blood when they take my temperature, they generally don’t need to see me.


    1. Our furiend Angel was born feral, then got trapped about a year ago. The Vet guesstimates he was 7-8 months old. He’s had a difficult adjustment to becoming a house cat and poor Ms. Cherie doesn’t understand why he is so particular about anything getting close to his ears, but I think they are working things out rather well.

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