10 thoughts on “Awwwwww Monday

    1. I’m so glad to hear there are decent squirrels in this world! The squirrels here are nasty and will attack cats trying to defend their oak tree.
      I despise squirrels, but if you like them, you’re welcome to come catch them and take them home… you might want to get that catapult plan for when their character manifests itself, though.


  1. We once had a pet squirrel, i don’t think they are evil, they are just more of The Lord’s critters. They bury so many nuts that they expand the forests, at least, that’s the job they have. They do not belong as pets, though, but out where they can be watched for their funny antics.

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    1. Ms. Mimi, that is MY oak tree, IF they ASKED PURRMISSION, I would allow them to take my acorns… They do NOT! Thus, these purrticular squirrels are thieves. That doesn’t mean all squirrels are. In fact, it’s good to know they can be nice enough to be a pet.


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