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Dear Furiends,cropped-dsc_0470

I have a question – it’s not urgent, however, I’m trying to decide if my staff should look into health insurance for pets…. specifically an insurance plan for Katsu, who is proving to be accident prone. Example: today he tried to eat sewing string and I had to advise our chef to pull a few feet out if his throat. (He didn’t appreciate that.)

And that wasn’t his big mistake of the week. <sigh> Would you believe that after an afternoon in the catio, he bumbled inside all dirty (and not on purpose, so he’d get a 20181222_221531bath) with his good eye glued shut? <Though the chef would have a stroke!> She wanted to haul him to the ER, but was smart enough to listen to reason and begin with a nice bath (those always work wonders)… He exuded a strange lemony scent…. Long story short, he’d apparently found a lemon lollipop and played with it… Saphera’s nose smells lemony, too, so I’m pretty sure she was involved in that lollipop getting unwrapped and slobbery enough to melt the candy and gum up his eye….

As I said, he is accident prone.

SO, I’ve been wondering if you think health insurance would be wise for him and IF you do, do you have a company that you recommend?

Thanks, Purrseidon

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

  1. Marjorie Dawson

    Check out some of those ‘Best 5 Pet Insurance companies’ posts (and make sure they don’t have affiliate links.

    We are with Pet Plan but as we have not yet had to claim (for which we are deeply grateful) I cannot tell you how good or bad they are.

    The Dash Kitten Crew

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  2. As difficult as it is, read through several different policies and see what they offer. Maybe you and Master Munchkin can make a project out of charting the coverages and costs of various policies. Also, watch for the fine print.

    If you can find an affordable policy that actually covers such accidents, i would certainly get it.

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  3. 15andmeowing

    Silly Katsu, I am glad the string was removed. I have thought about pet insurance, but would can’t afford for all and would feel bad only getting for some. If I had 3 cats or less, I would definitely get it. I have heard Trupanion is good.

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  4. Oh my, he seems to be so much like Tyebe. If something can go wrong, Tyebe will be in the center of the action. She has no qualms about eating whatever she finds. So what if it’s not edible. She’ll break it down. We don’t have coverage of the medical kind. We figure Tyebe will outgrow this phase. There are so many stipulations on the medical coverage for pets here in Canada it hardly seems worth it. I would love to have medical coverage for all the pets but that would be costly.

    I love the selfie of you in your clothes Katsu.


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    1. Ms. Jean, is Ms. Tyebe part Siamese? I ask because Katsu is and I hear a lot of comments from my staff comparing his antics to Mr. Rom… for instance, in the past week: Katsu ate through a sting of lights (Christmas), he stole spicy chicken, swallowed 3 feet of that thread, and closed his eye with a lollypop. IF that wasn’t enough, our chef left a plate of mac and cheese on the porch he cleared it and looked very plump THEN, when the chef went to move him to bed, he tooted something awful!!!
      AND IF that isn’t enough, the staff packed away the Christmas ornaments (which is when he chewed through that string), but before they could pack away the tree, he started redecorating the tree with the 24 crinkle balls Gram gave him …. he even bent one branch so he can play fetch with himself. He has learned to catch balls with his paws now too it is so stinking cute that no one has the heart to box up the Christmas tree.

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  5. Oh yes, medical cover is a real must have. I have the same issue with my staff as Mrs H is very haphazard about life and falling over things that I have left meaningfully dotted around the palace . . . though to be fair I never leave edibles or lollipops for her to get stuck to! On that basis maybe get double cover 😉
    Toodle pips


    1. ERin, dear furiend, thank you for the input. I know insurance is crucial for my clumsy, accident-prone staff, but have never seen such a – um – interesting fellow as Katsu, which is why I am wondering about insurance for him. Do you have any for yourself?

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