Christmas Coupon Codes!!!

IMG_20170722_192052Dear Furiends,

Exciting news! Katsu and I have created 20% off Christmas Coupon Codes at Smashwords for mom’s Xander and Kazza books!!!

The coupon codes start today then go all the way until the end of this year.

For those of who aren’t familiar with Smashwords, it’s the source used by Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo and other top e-book vendors. But you can go there direct! Even better, Smashwords makes our books available in PDF as well as the e-book formats, so you can read them on your computer instead of a device. Also, if you gift e-books, like I sometimes do, Smashwords makes it simple because you don’t need to find out what sort of device your recipient has – Smashwords sends them a nice email, telling them that you’ve given them a gift, then they simply click on the link and choose whichever format they need when they collect their gift.

How simple is that?!?

HINT: IF you are getting them for yourself and you have a Kindle, choose mobi —epub works with B&N’s Nooks as well as most other devices.

Mr. Kazza’s trilogy is from human purrspective) and they are longer books that normally sell for $4.99, but use the individual coupon codes listed with them and checkout and you will get eat one for $3.99 and/or 20% off. IMHO, it’s smart to read them in order:
Star Bridge – coupon code ZV43E
Thunder Moon – coupon code AW45P
Fire Island – coupon code YC23Z


Mr. Xander’s Sea Purrtector adventures are 20% off, too ($2.39 instead of $2.99), except Latitutes & Catitudes which is always free.
The Red Claw – coupon code TH95G
Purr-a-noia – coupon code HY49J
The Vi-Purrs – coupon code MC54W
Me-Yeow! – coupon code YH75C


Enjoy & please tell your furiends that like cats and books!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Purrseidon >^.^<

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