I want to tell you about our new Christmas ornaments, which I felt were crucial, since confirming that Katsu is a tree climber and I’m hoping you think they are worthy to purrticipate in Comedy Plus’s Awww Monday Blog Hop.

We decided the theme would be reading, then decided to do origami and use pages of books, which had been damaged and were missing too many pages to read, again.

I did NOT damage those books!!!ORNAMENTS

….. And I won’t rat on who did!

Fur sure, it was NOT ME!!!

First, I made a little assembly line. (In other words, I bribed the munchkins with marshmallow poop which was so gross that even Saphera and Katsu would not eat them, though they ornaments2found them to be fun toys.) Thankfully the munchkins decided making ornaments was fun prior to figuring out how nasty the ‘reward’ was…ornaments3

Since that worked, Ms. Munchkin, under my snoopervision, of course, made some applesauce/cinnamon gingerbread men to hang on the tree ( FYI, birds LOVE them!)

Well, what do you think of our new ornaments? Are they Aww Monday Worthy?


25 thoughts on “Ornaments!

    1. Meowser, Ms. Sandee, I’m very glad you like my project!!!
      Hope you have a purrfect Thanksgiving… I’m getting ready to snoopervise pumpkin pies – we begin by chopping up a butternut squash, boiling those chunks and then mashing them….

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    1. Well Kosmo, I don’t think they were actually MADE of poop, but I surely don’t know why the chef thought they were worth getting…. She can be very strange. At least her choices can be.
      Are you staying warm and cozy, dear brofur?

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      1. Thank you my little sister. Don’t eat poop candies!
        The weather is getting cold, freezing cold, but like the summer was weird, so is this winter. We have NO snow. The whole country is without snow and this is rare, 60 years ago was the same situation. The climate has problems!
        Warm kitty hugs you!

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      2. Meowser, many humans talk about global warming as if it began with industrialization, but if you ask me, it’s been changing for thousands of years and was first noticeable when the Ice Age ended…. Humans take a Looonngggg time to notice things, don’t they?

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