Pirate Ship

Dear Furiends,20181021_134642

Katsu will be a pirate for Halloween…. Now, I ask you, what should every pirate need? Saphera thought they needed a parrot, so he now has a 85# parrot…. I thought he needed a ship, so have been busy constructing one for him for a few days.


That’s what I’m working on there at your left and here on your right, too.

I know it doesn’t look like much –Β 20181021_124423



BUT I’m really getting good at building things. Once the ‘bones’ were done, I began decorating phase and Katsu tried to steal my brushes.


As you can see, I had several decorating projects going at the same time. For one thing, paint requires time to dry.

Are you ready for a pre-view of The Sea Purrtectors?

WELLLLLLL, here it is:



Purrseidon, who will be back as a mermaid, tomorrow!

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