Dear Furiends,20181026_213219

Today, I’ve been snoopervising pumpkins…. purrticularly pumpkin carving… I’ve also been having quite a few issues with my staff about my snoopervisory throne… THEY call it the ‘guts bowl’ and keep telling me to get out of it, so they can put seeds and slimy bits in…

20181026_213200Have I mentioned how rude my staff can be?

Disrespectful, too.


Master Munchkin put his hands inside 20181026_214529the pumpkin and gutted it for the first time ever. It is a sensory issue for him and you can tell he didn’t like it but did it anyway… This is a photo of the ‘guts bowl’ after I finally humored the staff a vacated it.
AND these are the pumpkins:
1. a dinosaur attack with a chunk missing and scratches and where its claws dug in

2. A devil
3. Palm tree bird and a moon
Purrseidon…. what did YOU do with your pumpkins?

17 thoughts on “Pumpkins….

  1. Way to go Master Munchkin! I bet I can guess which one he did too.
    At least if it is a guts bowl it in only used one day a year (by the staff). Maybe you can have it the rest of they year? Well if Miss Munchkin does not fight you for it, it looks like something she’d love too.

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    1. Meowser, Ms. Kiara, you’re correct about me having to keep an eye on Ms. Munchkin… she does seem to like ‘borrowing’ my things…. It’s fortunate that she’s too big to fit into my mermaid outfit.
      Purrseidon, who ultimately got her bowl back.

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    1. Meowser, Sid, I’m very, very glad you understand the annoying situation I’m in! Meow is me, but they act like I’m a dumb creature or something! As you so correctly pointed out, I am their queen.


  2. I think your staff needs to find a new bowl to use and leave you alone. I’ll always take your side.

    I love the carved pumpkins. Way cool.

    Have a purrfect day lounging in your guts bowl. My best to your disrespectful peeps. ♥

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    1. Meowser Sid, you a a very dear furiend! I assure you that I will get MY bowl back just as soon a Ms. Munchkin finishes washing it… At present, she is roasting the seeds.


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