Birthday Party!!!!

DSC_1025Dear Furiends,

Today is my birthday and MOEWZA, I had a PURRFECT Party!!! Ms. Kiara brought over a selection of her amazing nip blends and allowed me to choose my own gift! Of course, I choose the one I always pick… Purrseidon’s Preferred (What can I say? It is amazing, DSC_1010even if she can’t spell purrferred propurrly.) For those who are new followers, Ms. Kiara is not only an amazing nip-blender, but she designs the covers for our books and only lives a few minutes drive away.

Back to my 4th birthday party – Ms. Kiara was so generous that she even allowed Katsu to pick a blend. This is his first tester opportunity and I hope he eventually does well at that (I have my doubts since his very favorite food is mashed potatoes, of all things). However, he is showing purrmise with the drums and we had a fine jamming session. DSC_1068

But, it’s MY DAY and I wish all of you, my dear furiends, a purrfect day! Now, will you join me for snacks?



37 thoughts on “Birthday Party!!!!

    1. Ms. Kiara is very good to me, I don’t know if that’s because I’m an excellent tester or if it’s because I’ve told her she can have my excess nip to put in her blends.


      1. I am okay, and the family too. Mom has not been blogging, because, she said, the blog had nothing new,. She is now thinking new ideas, she likes to share her photos, but not so much to write, so we will see.
        Hugs to everybody there, in faraway Florida.💚

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