Hide From the Wind, Avoid the Water — Flight To Wonder

I lived in West Central Alabama for several years around the turn of the century. As a person from New England/upstate New York, I was clueless about hurricanes and asked neighbors what to do when one came by. They told me to hide from the wind and avoid the water. It’s good advice, and I […]

via Hide From the Wind, Avoid the Water — Flight To Wonder

Mom also posted a blog with advice that’s strictly for pets How to Prepare for Florence


22 thoughts on “Hide From the Wind, Avoid the Water — Flight To Wonder

    1. Ms. Cricket claims she is still pining for him… I’m not at all sure what she means by that. I thought pines were trees and can’t figure out why she’d make a tree into a verb, but for certain she had a mega crush on him. Purrseidon

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    1. I figured that you are like us and your house is built to withstand 140 mph winds. Living in an area that is a favored target also gives us practice at avoiding particularly bad weather.
      Stay safe!


    1. Matthew hit our area in 2016 and we had some ‘edge’ winds from Irene, last year, thus we prepare for the worst every year. Thus far, we haven’t experienced anything that couldn’t be repaired in a few hours – that is with the exception of our mango tree, which lost an entire section during Matthew – it still looks rather lopsided. IMHO, this is simply a fact of life and may or may not become an issue. Still, we do what we can to be ready, but also have an evacuation destination planned, if things look super bad.


    1. Hurricanes are huge as well as destructive. Florida is frequently in their path, which is why most of our structures (particularly the newer ones) are built to withstand such adverse weather. That doesn’t mean they are impervious and/or precautions don’t need to be taken. Thus, we make sure our home is prepared by May (hurricane season begins in June and ends in November). We also have an evacuation plan, in case it ever looks like we’ll take a direct hit. The bizarre thing about Florence is that it could theoretically be hitting our normal evacuation destination about Saturday, so friends who live in its path may be using us as an evacuation destination instead. This is fair, but rather unexpected.

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