Wordy Wednesday

DSC_0008Dear Furiends,

Katsu fell into the tub with Master Munchkin. As usual, I was literally locked out of the bathroom, but my ears hear through doors, so I know that  Katsu took his latest clumsiness well. Instead of panicking like the ‘normal cats I keep being compared with, Katsu swam to Master Munchkin and wrapped his paws around his neck.

My staff has avoided  giving him a bath due to his health issues, but since he was soaked  so when it was Ms. Munchkin’s turn, she took him in with her. He did very well and when done he gave her a hug which made her tear up with how sweet he is.20180819_220919

It’s too early for me to claim that he loves water and I will have a new boogie board buddy,. It’s even too early to predict if the staff will start locking him out of the bathroom at bath time, too. But the facts are that he did not panic or complain and he kept his claws to himself so maybe one day. I shall have a brofur that enjoys water, too.

My other tidbit of news for ‘Wordy Wednesday’ is that Saphera is shedding.  Again. My yard looks like it snowed …. she better hope she doesn’t get fur in my pool!


Purrseidon >^.^<
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    1. Ms. Mimi, he eats cucumbers and oranges, too…. More than once, Katsu has swiped things from an improperly supervised plate, and sent the chef into research-mode to make sure it was safe for cats to eat…. And it’s not as if I don’t eat things, I happen to love spinach. Purrseidon

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    1. Saphera has a mound of fur in my yard that’s bigger than she is, but if you look at her, it doesn’t look like she’s shed one hair…. if I wind blows that stuff into my pool, I will not be happy! >^.^<

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      1. I think I might like snow swimming, but don’t know how I would get to where any good snow ponds are…. Katsu tried jumping into the file drift, like it was leaves, then sneezed for an hour.

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    1. Meowser, Ms. Sandee! I began being hopeful that I would have a brofur who appreciated water sports when he was calm about reviewing that yummy food while on my new boogie board…. this makes me even more hopeful! >^.^<

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    1. Katsu has been sitting in the dry corner of the shower for months…. and previously stayed dry. My purrferred place is on the shoulders of my staff, so I’m close as possible to the spray… Alas, they tend to lock me out of the bathroom. >^.^<

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