Awwwwwww Monday

KatDear Furiends,

Katsu has never had an actual bath so has not learned about the joys of water ,but he followme everywhere. For instance, he sits at the back of the shower or on the rim of the tub, without actually getting wet.11922849_10204906771885072_1489757915_n

Boring!!!! I loved playing in the tub when I was his age.

Purrhaps, if I continue to show him how wonderful water is, he will eventually learn to like it, maybe he’ll even float free like this kitty!  

Purrseidon >^.^<

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16 thoughts on “Awwwwwww Monday

    1. Dezi & Raena, I know both of you get wet when your mom needs help in the shower — Does that mean you like water or just tolerate being wet? >^.^<


  1. You can always hope Katsu will get the idea. Would it be possible to have your staff gently, with a wetted and then well wrung out towel maybe, start to get his paws damp on occasion, and work their way into acclimating him to being wet and then playing in the water?

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