Sunday Selfies




Dear Furiends,


I have a special treat for you at the end of this post…. One that Mr. M would have loved to purrticipate in.






Me above & Katsu below… he still doesn’t totally ‘have it’ but he’s getting better at posing.


And now Ms. Saphera:


Our furiend, Angel:


And now for the special treat, which is a peak at this week’s field trip, which is part of our home-schooling plan…. and in the last one of these 4, you’ll actually get to see our very own Master Munchkin:


This post is purrticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies Blog Hop – to see what some of our furiends are doing this weekend please, click here


28 thoughts on “Sunday Selfies

    1. Hi Valentine, Master Munchkin likes rockets (m made sure of that) but he loves dinosaurs and sharks and most other fishy stuff. Time will tell what he focuses his attention on. In the meantime I am trying to let him know about many interesting things. >^.^<

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    1. It was an okay field trip and nice to see the other home-schoolers, but it was also sort of boring because the lecture part didn’t purrvide anything new….. >^.^<


  1. Meowza! So many great things in this post. Purrseidon you and Ms. Saphera are purrfesional models. I think Katsu needs a bit of coaching but we still loved the pic.

    Our Male Human was jealous when he saw the field trip Master Munchkin got to take. As for the Tribe of Five. we’re not fans of field trips, somehow they usually end up at the place with the white coats!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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    1. Alberto, I totally agree with you about the annual field trip to visit the white coats, but most of our field trips are to fun places, like the beach or park. Once a month the home-school group meets at an educational place and this month is was obviously Kennedy Space Center. >^.^<


      1. Alberto, I detest loud noises, too…. I don’t think humans realize how deaf they naturally are, and how much better we cats see and hear. Good luck figuring out a way to muffle to noise! >^.^<

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    1. Ummmmm, having had Mr. M teaching science for so many years, my munchkins didn’t actually learn much on their field trip, but I’m sure many in the home-schooling group did. >^.^<


    1. Yes, that’s Kennedy. It’s an interesting place, but many of the exhibits are mock ups instead of the real thing…. I liked the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum better. >^.^<


  2. Most excellent selfies this week, and the youngster is coming along quite well I see… supported by the senior staff, of course!

    How cool are those rockets, nothing to do with Uber Eats, I take it, MOL
    Looks like your young master is studying very hard, and that sphere looks quite something to behold, held up by water, I guess? Mrs H did the same to some squirrels that had nested in the fountain when she turned it on, boy where they chattering after that!
    Toodle pips and purrs

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