Awwww Monday….

Dear Furiends,

Purrhaps you will disagree with me, but my passion vine gives me that Awww feeling… purrticularly how fast it has grown.  This first picture was taken in April of 2017, when it began its residence outside my catio….


Did you notice that you can see the catio’s corner-post behind the leaves? Well, this is what it looks like, now… The post is still behind it….DSC_0011.p

& this is the view from inside my catio after some of it got pushed out of the way so the door could be used:


If M was still alive, he’d probably be muttering, ‘Huston we have a problem’… that was one of his favorite phrases though I have no idea who this Houston was. However, my 33902741_10211767980130990_8460445369589825536_ncatio did indeed have a problem with that vine… SO, I had my staff devise a sort of trellis that holds the vine out of the way of the door, while still allowing Katsu and I to watch birds and insects from the comfort of our catio:

So far, so good… Unless some rude storm comes around, I think we’ve solved the problem and without Huston’s help.

Purrseidon >^.^<

This post is purrticipating in Comedy plus’s Awww Monday bog hop.

8 thoughts on “Awwww Monday….

    1. Meowser, Ms. Sandee, yes those ‘vines’ do keep it cool and it (yes, there is only one) purrvides an excellent ‘blind’ for bird watching. Katsu and I have our potted plants on the left side (which is South) and have allowed our staff to put a table and chairs on the right side, which we generally sprawl on to watch birds. >^.^<

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    1. Ms. Mimi, my staff and I are quite amazed by the growth of that vine. We have other passion vines on the fence that are older and half the size of this one… I don’t know why this purrticular one is so big…. the staff have been clipping it whenever it attempts to creep onto the roof, but I fear more drastic measures might be needed. >^.^<


    1. That’s exactly how our catio is! Katsu and I have our branches and plants on the sunny side, but we allowed the staff to put a table and chairs on the shady side…. those chairs are comfy places to lounge while watching birds. >^.^<

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