Catio Update

Dear Furiends,20180531_162744

I had the staff bring the limbs from the tree we cut down into my our catio, so I couldt make “bridges” for Katsu and me to play on ….scratch too.

The plants left to right are: mints, curcumas, catnip, lavender and curcuma, empty pot, Katsu in the big catnip, empty pot, majestic, palm   and empty….. Since I don’t totally trust Katsu not to sprawl on it, the cat grass pot is outside until its grown … Ms. Kiara was true to her word and gifted me with cat grass seeds! … She is the bestest herb dealer, ever!!!
Even though it’s sort of wordy, this post is purrticipating in Comedy Plus’s Wordless Wednesday blog hop

Purrseidon >^.^<

36 thoughts on “Catio Update

    1. Mr. Greg, all my purrsonal plants are safe for us cats and none of them need to stay fulltime, if one is looking peeked and/or Katsu sprawls on it too much, I simply have the staff take it back outside and bring in another…. You see, after my dreadful experiences the past two years with ‘nip-stealing-hurricanes, this year, I planted as much as possible in pots, which can be brought inside when there is a big blow coming my way…. In point of fact, I’d have more of my ‘nip and other plants in pots IF I had more pots. >^.^<

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  1. Wait a minute…ya’ll got your very own chopped down real live tree? That’s not right, just hnot right at all. We’ve gotta meow to mommy. ‘Course, we don’t have a catio either. Enjoy. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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    1. Yes, I have my own purrsonal oak tree in the back yard, but those limbs were from the one in the front yard. I’m pleased that Katsu can purractice climbing in the safety of our catio… he is the clumsiest cat I’ve ever seen, so having those branches close to the floor is a good thing. >^.^<

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      1. Dezi, dear furiend, Katsu runs through the house full tilt, but he doesn’t seem to see straight. Last week his shoulder hit one leg on the coffeetable so hard that the wax leaped out of the candle holder!… He kept on running after his crinkly ball…. I worry about him. >^.^<


    1. Sid, that seems to be Katsu’s favorite place… Fortunately, he doesn’t nibble or crush my favorite plant too badly. Even better, my plant doesn’t seem to be upset by all the unexpected attention. >^.^<

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      1. Ms. Kiara, if you can find a way to save plants other than put them in pots, which can be brought inside, will you please – purrty please – let me know what I can do??? >^.^<

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      2. Ms. Kiara, is this why you gave me seeds for ‘nip and catgrass? Is my yard one of those where you’ve distributed plants ‘just encase’? If so, I am very honored that you’ve entrusted them to me! As a novice gardener, with only two years of experience – both of which were hampered by hurricanes – this would be a major vote of confidence. >^.^<


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