This ‘Nip post is purrticipating in Comedy plus’s Awww Monday blog hop…. I don’t know about you, but my main ‘nip patch (which is near M’s grave & in the ground, so it’s vulnerable to nip-stealing-storms) inspires the Awww feeling in me.

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BTW, Katsu and I were only mock-fighting. 

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    1. Ms. Kiara gave me the seeds and I will share any extra ‘nip with her IF some nasty nip-theiving-storm doesn’t steal it. You see, I don’t actually have the proper gene to appreciate nip, but I love growing it and hanging out in my patch – ‘Nip repels mosquitoes and smells good, but I can still watch insects. >^.^<


    1. Neither Katsu or I actually ‘partake’ of ‘nip, but we do have fun with mock fights. Research tells me that only a percentage of cats have the gene that makes them go nuts over ‘nip, but I’ve never actually met a cat that did that. M didn’t, Katsu admits that he likes the smell and sprawling there because he can watch bugs, but not get bit… same with me. >^.^<


  2. martidiy

    Awww, that brings back memories. My Muffin used to get in the middle of the nip with only his ears and eyes showing. He thought we couldn’t see him. Looks like Katsu found your hiding place too.

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