MY ‘Nip…

Dear Furiends, 20180529_112058

Do you see Katsu in MY ‘Nip? He is a bit obsessed with plants and well some, like aloe, can be toxic to kitties, so I had my staff take the potentially dangerous ones outside. Due to his eye problem, Katsu is kinda clumsy, and not allowed outside, unless he’s on a leash, and I know which ones to avoid, so we should be fine.

I had my staff bring in one of my catnip plants, a palm and a pot of lavender, which are all kitty-safe  and  we’re making “kitty potted plant corner” in the catio… Katsu is loving this! Do you see him in MY ‘Nip, yet?

If not, here is a closer look: 20180529_112220

Purrseidon >^.^<
PS: to those of you who suggested that I should have had Ms. Munchkin plant ‘nip in my bed … This isn’t the only pot of ‘nip I own.

19 thoughts on “MY ‘Nip…

    1. I mainly had one nip plant in a pot so I could bring it inside in case of a dratted hurricane… The past 2 years, I’ve lost my nip to one of those infernal nip-thieving-storms! NOT happening to all of it this year!!!! >^.^<


    1. Yes, Ms. Mimi, it goes to seed… I began with seed. This is only the one I have in a pot – my main patch is near M’s grave, on the side of the house. >^.^<


    1. Um, that is just my potted one – the one that will be brought into the house IF/WHEN another nip-thieving-hurricane comes by…. my main patch will stay unpurrtected in the side yard…. it was the best deal I could make with my staff…. >^.^<

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    1. I do try, Ms. Ellen…. Mr. M taught me to treat others as I would wish to be treated…. he also taught me that some will take advantage of this, so I also need to make sure that the other cat would do the same for me…… M had a talent for making simple to follow comments, then complicating them! >^.^<

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