Memorial Day

This post is dedicated to all the ignored Service Dogs … I would make it to Service Animals, but only know about the amazing Service Dogs. I also think
is post is appropriate for Comedy plus’s Awww Monday>blog hop.  >^.^<

25 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. You gave me tears and goose bumps. This was a wonderful tribute. I remember reading about service digs during 9-11. I am glad your header made me laugh out loud or I would have never stopped the tears from flowing. Thank you seriously for this amazing share. HUGS

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    1. Meowser!!!! Momma Kat, I so want to meet a soldier dog… Actually I want to be one, but humans keep pointing out that I’m a cat… Very prejudiced of them. Dogs can be competent, but so can us kitties! >^.^<


    1. LOL, that was a good one. I liked the idea of the security dog on flights… and even better, the comment on that photo, which speculated that retired service dogs would be an excellent thing to have protecting our schools.


    1. That’s a wonderful idea!!! Service dogs would be the purrfect thing to deploy in our schools. Those human officers at Parkland were an embarrassment, I’m sure police dogs would have dealt with the situation much better!!! >^.^<

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  3. You’re right, Service Dogs do get ignored. They serve in military just like a human does. They should be Thanked too. So here’s my Thank You to Service Dogs and other military who serve or has served. What a nice thing to do to remember our Service Dogs and Animals. Thank You.

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    1. Ms. Crystal & Ms. Daisy Mae, I’m glad you approve of my tribute to service dogs… I know I’m only a cat and cats supposedly hate dogs, but IMHO not all dogs are awful and those who served really should be acknowledged! Happy Memorial Day!!! >^.^<

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      1. Same to you. Daisy Mae and I took the day off since we had family over for Memorial Day. I realize not all dogs are bad however after being bitten by a dog about 2 years ago I’m more leary. I just wish service dogs got more recognition. Enjoy your day.

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      2. We spent the day with family, too. A dog once had the nerve to bite mom German Shepherd’s ear (she was the neighbor’s dog and mom was over there to feed/water it while they were on vacation) – Ms. Rene totally respected mom after that. As I hear it, neither of them drew blood, but I make sure never, ever to be bad enough for her to bite my ear!!! >^.^<


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