Katsu’s Eye…

purr121Dear Furiends,

Katsu’s his blood work came back …. his white cell count is super high, so he is getting a shot of antibiotics. This totally freaked me out … a needle is even more invasive that the horrid thermometer!!!
Thankfully, his FIV test was a negative. I am guessing that a raging infection may have made it hard for his eye to heal though apparently the misshaped cornea and floating lens are things that won’t heal.
The good/bad news is that next week’s surgery has been postponed because they can’t do surgery with that white cell count…. Thus, he is safe from the surgeon for about two DSC_0086weeks …. unless the infection doesn’t clear up. Bottom line, his white blood cell count needs to get back down.
We are still treating his bad eye, so I dare to hope that + the shot might give his body the ability to heal more than the infection. We shall see and the vet did not say that, to this is just my opinion/hope.
Purrseidon >^.^<

35 thoughts on “Katsu’s Eye…

    1. I suspect that he doesn’t fully realize that he doesn’t feel good — apparently, his eye was damaged when he was very, very young, so not feeling good is normal for him. >^.^<

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    1. My paws are crossed, too.. and I’m trying very, very hard to remember what M tried to teach me (and more-or-less failed to teach due to my not paying propurr attention) about how to do purrtherapy. >^.^<


    1. I hope so, too. He’s about 6 months old and was born in a shelter, where they obviously don’t have a good vet ( I’m NOT fond of mine, but this has to do with taking my temperature, not their competence at diagnosis.) Thus Katsu was treated for the wrong thing for most of his little life. >^.^<

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  1. I can’t imagine where the poor guy would be, if you guys hadn’t adopted him and your vet looked into his eye differently and deeper then theirs have. I hope the medicine works and he gets to spend the rest of his life healthy.

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  2. Good news of the FIV test, though I’m sorry poor Katsu needed a shot for the infection. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from whatever is causing the elevated white blood cell count! As noted elsewhere, Andy and Dougy, my kitty boys, and I send best wishes and lots of soothing “scritches” to poor Katsu!

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    1. Katsu has had a lot of difficulty in his short life and I’m beginning to understand why Master Munchkin wanted to rescue him… He also wanted to name him ‘victor’ in hopes he would overcome his eye problem, thus Katsu is supposedly the Japanese word for victor… >^.^<


      1. Googl;e translate give “victor” as ビクター. Not too helpful! Regardless, that’s a great idea to name Katsu that way, plus it has the happy “kat” syllable in it, making it highly appropriate for a kitty! (Ask Purrseidon about that approach to naming cats with heroic and/or appropriate names! Mine are named after an apostle and patron saint of Scotland and, well, me! LOL!)

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      2. Mr. Doug, I have no idea how to pronounce those Japanese symbols, so will take Ms. Munchkin’s word for it that they sound like katsu. Meowser to my two dear furiends! >^.^<


      3. That was my problem! There is no Google translate feature to change these to our alphabet, so there we go! Regardless of the meaning, “Katsu” is a nice cat name, I think.

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    1. Yes, Kosmo, now that I’ve actually had an opportunity to get to know him as an individual (vs. the scent of an invader) I realize he’s a good little fellow and he’s had a very difficult life. He’s no Mr. M, but he’s a nice little tom and he has energy to play. >^.^<

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