Katsu’s Eye

DSC_0470Dear Furiends,

I wanted to give you an update on Katsu’s eye, which seems to be healing, though our vet doesn’t totally agree. In point of fact, she said, “She doesn’t believe his eye totally heal and he will need his eye removed.”  She will be consulting with a specialist. The specialist who will do the removal – If necessary – will give us the shelter price .

We have not gotten there yet, but I dare to hope we’re on the correct path. Purrayers are appreciated.

I’m not sure that he can see out of it. For sure, it still looks strange. The other good news is that we’re now 99% confident that that whatever his eye’s issue is, it isn’t contagious, so he an I have been getting to know each other a bit better. Yesterday, we sort of played together. Me with my yeowee banana on one side of the screen while the Katso played  with his nanner on the other side.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we are still randomly hissing but less and not when Saphera is near…. that said, if she continues to show such favoritism I just might hiss at her…. Did I tell you that she plays tail-wag with Katsu?!? I LOVE that game, but she has refused to play it with me for years…. literally years! 31776001_10211602277428526_914266853621104640_nSaphera claims I weigh too much. Meow is me, the more I think about this, the more I realize that I really should give Saphera a hiss. Purrhaps even a whacky paw.

Now, I shall let you decide if you agree with me that Katsu’is eye -problem of Katsu’s is better. While he might not need to have the eye removed, he’ll probably not be able to see out of it.

This is how his eye looked when he moved in:



AND this is how it looks, now:eye2


In closing, he is off the inflammation medication but is still using the meds trying to heal the third eye. And the vet said, “His eye does not need to be removed but he’d probably be more comfortable if it was.
I will feel better after we double check with the specialist.

Purrseidon >^.^<

19 thoughts on “Katsu’s Eye

  1. Mary McNeil

    His eye looks better. As for removing the eye – there is a condition called “sympathetic opthalmia” in which an injured/unseeing eye can cause the other eye to fail if the injured one is not removed. It is an issue in humans too. I know you will be careful in considering all the options. Purrayers to Katsu & Purr (and Saphera !)

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    1. Ah, so you’re saying that could be the reason why our vet thinks removal could be needed. Good to know! Thank you, Ms. Mary!!! >^.^<


    1. Thank you Ms. Crystal & Ms. Daisy Mae! I’m sure your purrs and purrayers will help a lot. M’s always did – he could heal just about anything except his own cancer. >^.^<


  2. I hope Katsu’s eye can be saved, even when he can’t see with it, it is a part of his body! And it does look a lot better. Wish you all Light and Wisdom (as my Humanmom always says) We’re praying for you, purrs Charlie

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    1. That’s what I think, too, but the vet seems to think it might need to be taken out…. She didn’t give a reason why, so I’m keeping a good watch on her. >^.^<


  3. Katsu’s eye looks much better than before, for sure 😄
    Did you go to the ophthalmologist? The specislist you sent me the link? Only a specialist can tell you if the eye has to be removed or not! Please!
    Pawkisses 💕

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      1. My vet is saying this could be a possibility and that the specialist needs to look at it. IF this is necessary, the specialist will be the one to perform the procedure. >^.^<

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