Supastars Spotlight Award

Ms. Crystal & her Daisy Mae awarded me the Supawstars Spotlight Award! How amazing im-a-supawstar-pet-bloggeris that?Thank You emoji


At the  ‘home’ of this award it says, “Some pet bloggers have the most amazing photography of their pets, others selflessly take the time to contribute incredibly valuable pet care tips & health care advice to the pet community at large, others yet write posts that are so entertaining and amusing, you can’t help but smile whenever you drop by their page! And of course many do all of the above and so 13705237_10206713234965520_490381470_nmuch more!”  Meowser, I guess I’m more impressive than I thought!

These bloggers deserve an award. They should be shown they’re appreciated, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to let them know than to reach out as a fellow pet blogger and hand them the spotlight, so Iim-a-supawstar-pet-blogger would like to nominate these five to receive this prestigious honor: and it’s Tribe of Five does an admirable job of letting me know what cats around the net are doing. And if that’s not enough, my dear furiends, Oliver and Alberto , in purrticular, often give me excellent advice.

Ms. Ellen’s Crew at where everyone gets a voice, does reviews, and even show off Ms. Ellen’s crochet creations. who celebrates pets current and past. for their continual support of us four-legged furries as well as their Sunday Selfie blog hop, which I love to enter. Dezi, Reana and Ms. Audra give me a glimpse into the lives of two service cats and their human.

Well, I’m supposed to nominate 5 total, so this last slot is for YOU!

Furiends, if you want to know the rules/regulations, please click  the ‘home’ of this award to find out all the details.

Again, thank you for this prestigious award, Ms. Crystal, and my dear furiend, Daisy Mae!

Purrseidon >^.^<


12 thoughts on “Supastars Spotlight Award

    1. Thank you, dear furiend! Did you notice that you, too can have this award? There were far too many worthy ones to chose 5, which is why my 5th pick was You! >^.^<

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    1. Thank you, Momma Kat. and my dear furiend, Bear! I apurriciate your support. I do hope that you accept the award, too…. 5 slots just wasn’t enough to nominate everyone that I thought deserved it, that’s why I made #5 so generic. >^.^<

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    1. Thank you! Being limited to 5 nominees was frustrating, then I realized that I could include all worthy blogs by making #5 generic. >^.^<


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