30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. LOL, did you notice that my leash was clipped to my halter? The staff knows me well and knew I’d find an excuse to fall in, if I wasn’t attached. >^.^<


    1. We rarely add videos – it’s difficult to catch Purr ‘being herself if she spots a camera…. I don’t only always have a camera handy, either.


      1. Purr pauses to pose…. Mr. M used to vanish…. would you believe that prior to his death, we didn’t get a single video?!? He had some sort of 6th sense when it came to cameras.


      2. I don’t have anything but one low resolution (webcam) photo of my first kitty, the sweet little girl, Freckles. I can appreciate what you say, Jean. Not enough, though I at least have that single remembrance of a kitty that had the loud purr that all you had to do was put her on your chest to start it. She would have been a great kitty had she lived.

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    1. Actually, that purrticular spot is the ‘Intracoastal waterway’, which is about a mile from me… this waterway is between the mainland, where I live and the barrier islands, which actually has the Atlantic on the other side. >^.^<

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      1. Sid, we found a cat eye specialist about 30 minutes away and the staff is on the phone. THANK YOU for your advice!!!! The staff says your vet must be ‘kickass’. We wouldn’t have known to look for a specialist without your advice.>^.^<

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      2. I hope so, too! Until we’re positive he isn’t contagious, I’m stuck on the catio, while he seems to be taking over. Very frustrating! >^.^<


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