Wordy Wednesday

purr..3Dear Furiends,

I know this is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but I need a Wordy Wednesday. I finally semi met Katsu, yesterday.

Master Munchkin accidentally stepped on a stink bomb and tossed it out of his room gagging which messed up the whole house. <Sigh, it is my fault I gave it to him figuring he’d get set off outside.> Well that stink bomb set off an amazing string of events:

Mom dashed from the kitchen, into my old room and grabbed Katsu. Afterward, she said that she realized some scents make stress worse. Well, I don’t know that her running in there are grabbing him helped. Katsu freaked out so much he pee’d on her. (that has never happened before.) That stink bomb ran everyone out of the house and into the catio.DSC_0647

Mom sat on the porch holding him while he stared at me…  I pretended he did not exist. Saphera on the other paw was, “Omgosh I love you! Look I can spin in circles and look cute.” Seriously???? We’d been run out of the house, mom’s shirt was saturated and my sisfur acted like it was a party. I’m beginning to wonder if dogs get senile after a certain age.

We were stuck in the catio between stink bomb and rain for over an hour.

I might eventually like Katsu, though I hope he doesn’t expect me to get all googly eyed or spin in circles. However, how can I know what I think if we’re not allowed to officially meet each other?!? I get along with all kinds of pets and love to play smack and run – from what i’ve observed from the window sill Katsu likes to play, too. I am worried about him being contagious – sick isn’t good. I already lost one brofur to illness. Mom said that IMG_20171001_180620because of his eye infection and needing to be quarantined, ‘the kitten’ hadn’t experienced any pet interaction in the shelter so she didn’t  know how he would react to my  ‘insanity.’…

I am still trying to figure out the proper retribution for insinuating that I am mentally unbalanced!

Purrseidon >^.^<

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11 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

    1. I wish I’d never, ever heard of such an evil thing! Purrhaps we’ll become furiends, but with him in quarantine, it seems impossible to even officially meet. >^.^<


    1. Saphera loves ALL babies, which can be a problem when it’s time for the parents to take them home. For certain, I learned that stink bombs should never, ever be treated in a casual way – those things a horrible!!! >^.^<


  1. Sounds like a horrible couple of hours. No more stink bombs.

    You’ll get along in time. Patience. Soon you’ll be hanging out together and you can teach the new one all your tricks.

    Have a purrfect Wordless Wednesday. My best to your mom. ♥

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