Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pack

DSC_0036I, Purrseidon, LOVE Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pack Grain-Free Cat Food Pouches.  (Mom, Jeanne, here – It would be great for a cat who does not drink a lot (which Purr is a lush but Mr. M would had loved this, too) also I suspect this would be easy to hide medicine in, if you have a kitty who needs to take medication. Loves all the flavors and comes running if she sees you anywhere near the box.)

DSC_0039Weruva, which is located, here in the USA, claims that their recipes were “inspired by the family kitchen, which is the heart of the home, each gourmet recipe is made with love and care to keep your feline feeling great.” They only the best ingredients that are high in protein—just the way our furry ones needs it. And not only are they delicious and full of complete and balanced nutrition, but the easy-to-serve pouches are an excellent way to supply your cat with necessary hydration, which was something Mr. M really needed. Weruva uses ingredients, like cage-free chicken, wild-caught tuna and wild-caught mackerel!

Key BenefitsDSC_0118

  • Convenient, easy-to-open pouches feature gourmet recipes that are high in protein and low in carbs.
  • Contains taurine which helps guards the heart and added vitamins and minerals for a complete and balanced diet.
  • Recipe contains no grains, gluten, GMO ingredients, MSG or carrageenan, so it’s great for cat with allergies.
  • Variety of delicious flavors help to entice picky eaters with real, deboned meat in a luscious gravy.
  • Helps cats stay properly hydrated, and can be served as a standalone diet or as a topper for dry food.

    Disclaimer: As members of Chewy’s Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. Purrseidon only shares products and DSC_0123information that she believes is of interest to readers.

    Chewy boxes are the BEST! (both the actual box & contents) They’ve revamped their website so you can get supplies for your fur-babies and non-furry pets, too. Chewy always has great prices, and a wide selection of products, plus they provide speedy free shipping for orders of $49.00 or more. They also have reasonable shipping rates for smaller orders. You can set up an auto ship so you never run out of your pets favorites (you can skip, cancel or delay these, too – Chewy’s customer Service is tops).P1190095

12 thoughts on “Weruva Cats in the Kitchen Variety Pack

    1. Ms. Ellen, last month we tested their canned products and LOVED them … I believe this delicious and nutritious food is manufactured near you. >^.^<


  1. messymimi

    It sounds great, and please know i am trying to figure out ways to comment on all of my friends wordpress blogs. If you don`t hear from me, it’s because wordpress won’t let me, even though i have a wordpress account.

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    1. LOL, Mom has the same issue with commenting on blogs that are hosted on other platforms, so totally understand your frustration. Hope you have a purrfect day. >^.^<


    1. Thank you, dear furiends! I don’t know if you can get this company’s food, but last month, M and I tested their canned products and this month their dry food …. It is all delicious and passed the chef’s criteria for healthy, too. >^.^<


    1. Oh Sid, I miss him something awful, too! This month, I was supposed to be primary reviewer on this product, and M was supposed to be main reviewer for some senior cat food … he didn’t have a chance to write that before crossing the rainbow, so the staff is telling me I need to do that review, too…. I’m resisting! >^.^<

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