Wordless Wednesday

Dear Friends,DSC_0003-1

Saphera wanted to show off her Easter gifts for Wordless Wednesday….. I’d assumed the Easter Bunny was a regular size bunny, but he gifted her one of his prize carrots, so I’m now wondering if he’s big as an elephant!!!

Purrseidon >^.^<

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24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Yep, it is HUGE. Thank the cats that it doesn’t weigh as much as her! Did you know she weighs 16 pounds more than is correct?!? This a whole me plus a half more!!!!


    1. Kosmo, I think you’re correct. And you generally are…. IF I’d realized the Easter bunny was HUGE enough to haul around such carrots, I would have gone into hiding, instead of look for him/her!!! >^.^<

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