Easter Toys

DSC_0022Dear Furiends,

The Easter bunny snuck in and left me toys and some of Ms. Kiara’s yummy nip – it smells divine!!! Mr. M got great stuff too, but he hauled it into his purrsonal box and closed the door, so getting a photo of that could take a while.

Purrseidon >^.^<

8 thoughts on “Easter Toys

    1. I would trade my toys – not my ‘nip – to have had the chance to send messages back to my brofurs.
      i hope you and the twelve had a wonderful Easter with loads of treats and toys.


  1. ♫♪♥♥♥♥♫♪Happy Easter to all you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
    We got some cosmic kitty catnip mice!
    Purrs and Love
    Marv and Mom


  2. Mr. M sounds like some children (and even grown-ups) i know. He will be willing to share and let others see his stuff as soon as he can establish in his mind that these things are really and truly his. It’s something psychological, we have to feel comfortable in our ownership of things, i think, before we can really share them.

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    1. Previously, he was just proprietary about his silvervine sticks, but in the past few months, he’s hauled all his favorite things in there…. AND I have never been invited in, even though I purrsonally made that special box for him.


    1. Chicken greenies? Wow that sounds good, did you get toys, too? Or purrhaps a new sisfur or brofur? I think I might be getting a new little brofur… at least Master Munchkin has someone that he really, really wants… I’m not sure how I feel about that. I thought he belonged to me. >^.^<


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