Xander’s Furiends

received_10212712130987403Dear Furiends,

The beautiful Ms. Fluffy Morgan, is one of Xander’s most trusted advisors, as well as an amazing researcher…. you wouldn’t believe the 


connections she has and/or how quickly she can discover the most well-buried bit of information using her computers.

cat-721357__340Xander’s best buddy, Merlin, who I view as a water-loving idiot and often categorized as ‘unworthy’ and others know as the poster-tom for Decadent Delights cat food. (Actually, in this tom’s opinion, both reputations are spot-on… I hasten to note that Purrseidon disagrees about any cat loving water being an idiot.)

cat-1033460_960_720When Xander was removed from from the United States and ended up aboard The Whispurring Winds, Ms. Fluffy and Merlin tied in the vote for North America Purrtector. They compromised and agreed to share the Purrtectorship, with Merlin’s title being North American West Coast Purrtector and Ms. Fluffy becoming the North American East Coast Purrtector…. (Her father, Sir Isaac, who also believes water-loving-model-toms should not be Purrtectors, was not pleased about this decision and hopes things change after the next election.)

In his new, official, capacity as Catamondo’s first Purrtector of the Seven Seas (a.k.a. Sea Purrtector) Kamikaze Xander assists cats whatever he advises his humans to anchor and you can find him in your favorite bookstore.

Mr. M =^.^=

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    1. I have fun working with them… you’ll notice that I did NOT mention his apprentice, Mischief, who appears in Purr-a-Noia… she looks, sounds and acts like Purr, which is rather disturbing…. In other words, she actually likes water! =^.^=


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