STILL Looking for that Baby Boa!

20170909_133722Dear Furiends,

Would you believe that my sisfur is STILL looking for that baby boa?!?

She gets obsessed about the strangest things.

At least she finally learned that she gets in trouble for paws on the catio’s screen, so  now, she is using Halo’s  porch cage as a vantage point…. I was too slow at grabbing a camera, otherwise I’d have been able to show you that  she was doing handstands and flipping around, like some sort of crazed cat.

It was very embarrassing, so purhaps it’s good that I was so slow about getting my paws on the camera..

Mr. M =^.^=




13 thoughts on “STILL Looking for that Baby Boa!

      1. M brags about having been a great hunter and provided for himself while he lived feral… don’t know if he played much, but I love playing with that snake…. and I am still peeved with the staff for stealing it. >^.^<

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