20170426_112835Dear Furiends,

M often mentions his hunting prowess – of course, that was a few years ago. And he also has told me that I’m not a typical cat (apparently, he is and that means cats are grumpy as well as boastful about hunting. Anyway, I really do want to be a proper cat, so I’ve been working on my hunting skills … and have been practicing on our geckos. Did you know that when you catch them, their tails fall off? Shocked me something fierce the first time. The good news is that the tails grow back. I know this for a fact because because just about all the geckos in my yard are now missing their tails… And they are a lot speedier without those tails, but I occasionally catch and release one. That means I’m a good hunter, right?

However, I doubt that I will EVER be a hunter of this caliber!!!image(5)

I assure you that M isn’t even in that category!baefef0a35775a2c1c3691bb0ee897f8--kitty-cats-kitten

Thankfully, I’m not in this category, either:

Purrseidon >^.^<


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