Friday Fillins

IMG_20170817_163135(1)1. My favorite part of November is Thanksgiving a.k.a. Turkey Day, meaning not only do we eat a big bird, but all sorts of other yummy things, too… Pumpkin pie with whipped cream, for instance

2. Every November, I enjoy the cooler weather and advise my staff to tidy up our yard for the holidays. Actually, I try to motivate them to do this all the time, but it is easier to get them out there when it is cooler.

13689603_10206713233525484_764435872_n3. For me, peace can usually be found in a cozy box.

4. So far, my upcoming holiday plans Involve a lot of boxes… I shall even put gifts in some and give them to furiends, who I purrticularly care about.

This post is purrticipating in a blog hop hosted by McGuffy’s Reader & 15andmeowing Yesterday, they asked these 4 fill in the blank questions:

1. My favorite part of November is ________________.99df57c83891005a0ddaa69294a44b8a

2. Every November, I ________________________.

3. For me, peace _______________.

4. So far, my upcoming holiday plans _______________.

17 thoughts on “Friday Fillins

  1. You both have great answers, as always. πŸ™‚

    Purrseidon, I’m practically drooling in anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve come very near to cooking it already. haha

    You’d be in kitty bliss here, Mr. M., with all the boxes we have right now!

    Have a blessed week.

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    1. You have a blessed week, too. Mx. Suzanne! Do you get as excited about cranberry sauce as my staff? The way they go on about that, one would think the meal centers on that instead of turkey and pie with real whipped cream. >^.^<

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